venture capital of blockchain 


Bitrise Capital has a fantastic investment team. With the goal of iterative team cognition, bitrise capital updates its investment logic, has insight into high-quality projects in the market and controls market fluctuations.


Bitrise Capital focuses on immersive investment, provides incubation help for projects from all aspects and multi angles, runs up projects to grow rapidly and wins market opportunities.


All things in the world do not follow the cycle law, grasp the cycle and trend, expand the industry boundary and share the bonus of blockchain.

Bitrise Capital

Bitrise Capital

Bitrise Capital(比升资本),It is a venture capital institution focusing on the field of blockchain, and its main investment direction is in the field of digital currency and mining,Bitrise Capital(比升资本)More than 60 projects have been invested。Bitrise capital's goal is to provide safe and reliable decentralized + financial services, providing asset management, digital asset payment, connecting defi ecology, NFT ecology, polkadot ecology and other hot spots in the industry.


Investment Portfolio